Who are we?

After conflict with the main Webmaster of IGCD, a few old members including myself were banned, so I decided it would be a decent idea to pull off the same concept... Except bigger and better. Here, you can get basic info of each car, including things such as 0-60, customization level, and other cars that were cut, or edited during development. Only the basic information will be set, therefore still leaving other Wikis to have use from others.

What to expect from us.

We do not accept stealing from other Wikis or websites. Members who proceed to steal from others here, will be banned unless they can provide reasoning. Other wiki members that steal from us will be banned to cut off access to our pictures. If you cause damage, or you change things without permission from me, you will also be banned. I hate to be strict, but I don't want something this big to be destroyed, or become clustered with stolen photos, and flame wars. We have no intention of stealing from others, and if said action is done, we apologize dearly.

- Sincerely, the creator of this Wiki.

Latest activity

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